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3 Tips for Writing Social Media Copy During A Pandemic


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Addressing the Elephant in the (Social Media Copy) Writing Room

As you may have noticed, the title of this blog is “3 Tips for Writing Social Media Copy During A Pandemic,” which quite honestly, I would’ve never guessed in a million years I would have insights on. Here we are, and if you are looking for some pointers for writing social media copy in these difficult times, I’ve got you.

Tip #1: Writing Social Media Copy with Compassion

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is, it’s the most important thing to keep in mind while writing social media copy right now! 

Writing with compassion is as simple as humanizing your copy, acknowledging that the current situation is tough on everyone, and meaning it. You don’t have to write a long dissertation on the state of the world, but just be mindful of the tone your post has and speak authentically. When in doubt, ask for a second opinion from a trusted colleague or friend. The key is to not come across as opportunistic. Your writing and social media copy is a chance to really humanize your brand.

Tip #2: Offerings Should be Helpful For Your Audience

You do not have to have every post be about your service or product. We recommend having some form of “outside” content that is relevant and helpful mixed into your weekly content. We have seen better engagement and visibility when outside content has been incorporated into weekly content. This can be range from recipe ideas with things most people have in their house to ways you can support local businesses, to 5 videos of kittens that will make you smile. Just keep it relevant and on-brand for your business or the business you writing for.

Be sure to tag the site you got your content from every time you post something from a different source. Not only is that the right thing to do, but you may also get a repost from them increasing your visibility.

Tip #3: Pay Attention to Your Imagery.

When choosing a photo or video for content, odds are likely you are choosing media from before shelter-in-place and social distancing rules were in place. While it is a bit of an unspoken rule, I would recommend adding a disclaimer at the end of your post with something like, “this video/photo was filmed before social distancing ordinances were in place.”

If you are choosing media from stock images, be mindful of the number of people in the photo and what that could indicate and look like from an outside perspective. If you are unsure, always ask for a second opinion. If your gut says it might be a bad idea, it probably is.

In Summary

As marketers, we are being offered a rare chance to humanize and connect with potential clients, customers, or collaborators. Just remember to stay authentic, be helpful to your audience, and don’t forget to tag your sources!


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