We'll let the words speak for themselves.

Will McCoy

Founder, Ed Tech Authority

“Potluck Consulting is by far one of the most professional and effective digital media teams that I have ever encountered. I have worked with different organizations nationally and internationally, and I would recommend Potluck without hesitation. Rose and her team are incredibly dedicated to client success, and I will work with them again and again, whenever possible. Simply outstanding.”

Derek Ward

Contractor, Senior Product Manager

“Some of the best and most fulfilling work I’ve done has come from the guidance, vision, and leadership that Rose beams into every interaction. She. Gets. It. Done. And not just by increasing output, which she does, but by tailoring a vision to fit the reality of the day. I always knew exactly what I should do, where to jump on opportunities, and how I would move the business forward. I learned so much from Rose and felt a great desire to rise to the expectations she had for me because the results spoke loudly. Basically, I trust Rose Souders and have experienced first-hand how she amplifies the talents of everyone on her team.”

Robin Noelle

Contractor, Copywriter

“Rose considers the big picture when planning campaigns for her clients and offers clear, consistent direction and guidance on projects. Potluck Consulting provides much more than just ticking boxes off a checklist, Rose leverages every available avenue to showcase her client’s brand. A++, would highly recommend.”

Ken Stram

President, 2Bridge Communications

“Can I tell you how much I enjoy working with Rose? She’s the consummate professional and a legitimate social media expert. Her attitude is refreshingly positive, her work is excellent, she always makes her deadlines, she listens, and she consistently has a great attitude. And patient. She’s patient, too. I highly recommend her!”

Lorna Garano

Collaborator, Book Publicist

“I am a publicist and worked with Rose to spread the word about a client’s book. She crafted a creative, dynamic campaign that smartly and strategically got the book noticed on key social media platforms. From strategy development to creative content production to implementation and follow-up her work was stellar. Her wealth of knowledge was nearly inexhaustible and it was a pleasure to work with her. I would hire her for another project in a minute”

Kaitlyn Findley-Thorn

COO, Sonoma County Fairgrounds

“I appreciate the level of professionalism and commitment that Rose and her team bring. They have helped us grow our Social Media presence and transition our marketing campaign to be more focused on digital. Rose and her team are honest, hardworking, and creative. I appreciate the ideas that they bring to the Fairgrounds and how they challenge us to try new things.”

Ashley Covelli

Influencer, Content Creator

“I value Rose’s ability to communicate her client’s needs clearly and in a timely manner. She always brings strategic, well-organized briefs to the table that address the client’s needs and also allows for content creators to be creative and put their unique spin on each project. She sets forth clear goals with expectations for reporting on metrics and thorough contracts at the beginning of each project and is always open to new ideas. I highly recommend working with Rose and Potluck Consulting.”

Mila Savella

VP Marketing, Stoneridge Orchards

“Rose is very organized, knowledgeable and thoroughly understands our online marketing goals. She has put together social media programs that have shown great results. Very professional and wonderful to work with.”

Greg Viloria

Marketing Director, Japantown San Francisco

“Rose and her team are ‘on it’ when it comes to social media marketing. Not only do they execute, but they also act like my extended marketing team providing perspectives and solutions. That is really comforting.”

Leasha LaBruzzi

Publicist, Sonoma County Harvest Fair

“Right out of the gate I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Rose and her team made my part of the job. Plus, we saw a significant increase in engagement and were more accurately informed about what our analytics showed. I enjoyed working with them so much that I have since recommended them to all the fairs in the county. I hear those campaigns have also been extremely successful.”




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