5 Marketing Tasks You Can Tackle Without Looking at a Screen


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Editor’s note: This blog has been updated on March 16, 2021.

With over a full year of pandemic lockdown, Zoom overload, and endless screentime, adding another computer-related task to your list is probably the last thing you’re interested in right now. If you’re like me and you need a digital detox, yet still want to move things along, here’s my list of marketing tasks that marketers and business owners can do without a screen to be productive with their marketing and sales strategy.

Marketing tasks you can tackle if you want to break away from the computer and avoid a screen.

I recommend it!

  1. Write down a list of qualifications you’re looking for in a new client or target customers. For example: Do they need a specific budget, is there a certain staff size you’re looking for, do they have specific demographics, if so, what are they, etc. The list is really handy for when you’re ready to go after new business.
  2. Map out your sales process. What’s the first step? How and when do you qualify them as a solid potential client? From initial contact to a signed contract, list it out. This helps you find areas that are missing or might be too complex.
  3. List five reasons why people hire you or buy from you. Focus on keeping these areas prominent during your sales process. For example, if you know that you stand out because you make your clients feel heard, then with your new potential clients, give them an opportunity to tell you about themselves and feel empowered.
  4. Figure out your points of conversion. Where do you get most of your business? Rank them in order, then outline how much time it takes you to invest in each area. Spend 20 minutes jotting down ideas for those areas of conversion. Create a to-do list with clear deadlines.
  5. Brainstorm a list of potential clients. Spend some time writing out a list of at least 20 potential clients or a handful of new target audiences. Set a date to reach out or advertise to them. You never know until you ask.

Remember, digital marketing is one part of your marketing and sales process. By tackling the above marketing tasks and tying your digital marketing efforts into them, you’ll be much better off converting potential clients and new customers.

Let me know how your digital detox goes!

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