What It’s Like to Work at Potluck Consulting

The Leadership

Potluck Consulting is woman-owned and led by CEO Rose Souders. She works hard alongside the Potluck team and leads with a positive “what’s possible” attitude, emphasizing clear communication about expectations, obstacles, and realistic deadlines. She leads in alignment with what she expects from her team, prioritizing respect for one another, high integrity, and giving 110% effort every day.



The Working Environment

We have real conversations.

Our culture supports asking questions and encourages employees to contribute big ideas or suggest new systems that may not already be in place. No question is “stupid,” and no idea is too small.

We’re always working towards excellence.

Our CEO plays an active role in supporting employees through their professional development and growth at Potluck Consulting.

We get it done.

Both leadership and the team show up, work hard, and love what they do. Our clients are important to us and we work together to create amazing work for them.


Our Values

We work with integrity.

Excellence and honesty in everything we do and provide to our clients.

We demonstrate a positive attitude.

We don’t gush with flowers and butterflies, but we respect each other and show up to work excited about our day together.

We do what we say we’re going to do.

Our team relies on each other. Follow-through is essential and when we can’t deliver, we make sure to communicate it.

We are curious.

Our industry changes fast. We see great value in taking time to keep up to date, exploring new strategies, and pitching them to the team.

We own it.

We are not afraid to take ownership of a project. If you’re confident you can do it, you probably can. We believe in each other and provide an environment to thrive.

We grow.

We don’t do stagnancy. All employees have an opportunity for more responsibility, compensation, and growth. Pitch your promotion and ask for more responsibility. You’ll always be heard by an open mind.

We’re here for the long game.

We’re here to stay. It’s important for us to develop as individuals, a team, and a company. Think big, speak your mind, and let’s make it to the top together!


Jobs available

Updated March 31, 2021


We do not currently have any open positions.

While we do not currently have any open positions, we always welcome those interested in working at Potluck Consulting to reach out and introduce themselves. Feel free to contact us by clicking the link below and tell us a little about yourself and how you see yourself joining our team. 

We look forward to meeting you!



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