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Holiday Promotions: Your Marketing To-Do List


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Your competitors are probably already locked and loaded, ready for their holiday promotions. Are you?

If you’re not quite there yet, here’s a little Holiday Promotions Marketing Prep List for you to tick through to start pushing that needle forward for the holiday season.

Holiday Promotions Marketing To-do List

What are your holiday offerings?

No, not your regular services or products. If you’re a B2B company, come up with some kind of holiday promotion to help entice people who might be on the fence. If you’re a B2C company, can you offer a discount? If not, can you create “new” products by bundling a few of your current products together? Make sure you have something new or special to offer otherwise you’ll just get lost in the mix.

What are your goals for your holiday promotion?

Grab a cup of coffee and take five minutes to sit down and decide what you want out of the campaign. Be as specific as possible. You’ll need to quantify your goals to track success. Figure out what would be worth it to you, then set a number that brings you a return.

Figure out what resources you have to make this campaign a success.

What can you utilize to make your holiday promotion reach the most people and be as successful as possible? Think about your social media following, newsletter list, partners, and paid ad budget.

Create a to-do list and get ‘er done!

Set up your discount codes, create your graphics, write your content and get them scheduled. If you’re having trouble figuring out your to-do list, check out our Set-Up To-Do List for Social Media Management.

Yep, there’s a lot to this campaign stuff, especially when it comes to the holidays. I recommend taking a look at my blog How to Set Up a Social Media Campaign & Track Results to make sure you’re hitting all of the points to create a successful campaign.

hire a marketing company for holiday promotions

Not ready to tackle your own holiday promotions?

If you’ve been telling yourself that you need to get ahead this holiday season but this list feels like a giant mountain to climb, then it might be time to explore what it looks like to outsource your marketing. We’ll pour the coffee and listen. I swear we don’t bite. If you’re curious, you can contact us with your questions by sending us a message. I look forward to being a resource for you! -Rose

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