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Facebook Live can be a scary thing, especially if you’re a business owner and are worried about the quality of the video or how the video will represent your brand. While these are valid concerns, with a little planning, you can make sure that your live video is engaging and records without a hiccup, no matter who is recording it.

To help relieve some of the stress, we’ve decided to share an internal Facebook Live Checklist and a list of our general recommendations that we use when managing our clients’ social media.

Before the Event

Facebook Live Checklist – Setup

Before attending the event and hitting “Go Live”, the person filming should create an outline of what the video will look like and if there are any special items to include.

The outline should include:

  • Purpose of the live video – every live video should have a purpose, whether it’s to simply be entertaining or provide value.
  • Time of recording, if needed – if we’re recording a live event that happens on a schedule, note the time that each event starts in your outline.
  • Determine if there will be any talking during the video. If so, outline the main points and necessary things to say so that while recording, you don’t forget.
  • Develop a shot list of any views or shots of the event you want to make sure to capture.

Don’t Forget to Coordinate with Your Social Media Team

If you’re working with a social media team, but you happen to be the one running the Facebook live, it’s always best to inform the team in advance to let them know that they should expect it. This way the social team will avoid posting content at the same time as you plan to record.

Go Live on Facebook

Duration of Facebook Live Videos

In my opinion, all live videos should aim for over 5 minutes of recording. This will give users time to log in, view the video, and even comment or share. While most video views happen after they are recorded, we still want to give people a chance to engage while live.

If you’re filming and you can’t seem to record for more than five minutes, this is a good cue to re-evaluate why you’re recording the video live instead of just filming a clip for your page.

Camera Orientation

When filming Facebook Live videos on your smartphone, make sure that the camera is horizontal and not in Portrait mode. Pro-tip: By using the camera horizontally vs vertically, you will eliminate the black lines that you often see on the sides of the videos.

Admin Access to the Facebook Page

When you’re about to hit publish, double check to make sure that you’re “Going Live” as the page and not as yourself (personal profile). The app can be a bit wonky when toggling back and forth and it’s easy to mix up.

Talking Parameters During Live Video

If you determine that talking needs to happen during a live video, make sure to stick to your outline to make sure that you’ve hit every point you needed to remember to say during the video. It’s easy to freeze up or forget while recording. The outline will help.

While talking during videos, it’s also a good idea to set brand parameters about what is appropriate and also what should be excluded.

Here are some common parameters we have listed for clients:

  • Be friendly and excited – this is a fun event after all!
  • No swearing or offensive language of any kind (unless your brand allows this).
  • Make sure to mention the brand name and location of where you’re filming, if appropriate.
  • Ask questions and encourage people to comment on the live video to create engagement.

If people do comment on the video, make sure to respond by voice (best) or text and answer their questions or acknowledge their comments. This creates excitement and sparks further engagement.

Remember, your goal with live video is usually to increase your Page’s engagement and gain greater visibility for the brand or event. You should keep this in mind with everything you do.

If you’re handing off your Live Video responsibilities to someone else you trust, feel free to print out this Facebook Live checklist and recommendations to make sure that all your bases are covered.

Happy Filming!

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