About Potluck Consulting


We provide our clients with the insight to understand their online marketing efforts. Through transparency and communication we execute a marketing plan that they can expect to perform.


We’ll show you the details; what’s working, what’s not, and where to thrive. Every time with every campaign. We utilize a suite of reporting and analytics tools to interpret these insights and inform your marketing decisions. This sets us apart from our competitors.


Our clients are game-changers, shakers and movers, and rock at what they do. They are conscious of how their company affects their community, prioritize quality of work and craftsmanship, and think big when it comes to implementing their mission.


Our Team

Rose Souders

CEO & Founder

Rose is the CEO & Founder of Potluck Consulting. With strong technical abilities and advanced skills in social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and content development strategies, Rose strives to develop out-of-the-box marketing solutions that are both creative and measurable. She has managed high-profile marketing projects with organizations such as the Centre for Investigative Journalism, the Tenzin Gyatso Institute, the Paul Ekman Group, and the San Francisco Small Business Week.

As an accomplished speaker, both international and in the US, she exudes confidence and knowledge for her industry. ‘Can’t’ is not in her vocabulary.

​Rose is passionate about using her skills for the greater good and actively directs Potluck Consulting towards projects and causes she believes in.

Rebecca Hansen

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca Hansen is a writer and communications geek. She has been working in online and social media marketing since 2012, and her specialty is creating clear, concise material in the client’s voice from word salad and other raw ingredients.

She has experience in online and social media marketing for artists, online merchants, blogging communities, nonprofits and local businesses. Her passion is to create loyal customers through authentic online engagement.

Rebecca’s favorite thing to do when she is not writing is writing. She also loves cooking, reading, good TV, spending time with family and enjoying the gorgeous Sonoma County outdoors.

Someday she will write a novel, tell people how to run their businesses and edit a nationwide magazine. Until then, she dabbles in a little bit of everything with her personal online presence.​

(Photos by the fabulous Chloe Jackman Photography)